The Ness Quantum -Q PET is the most popular PIR ever produced by Ness Corporation. Now boasting a QUAD Element Pyro Sensor it has a better detection rate and higher noise immunity for lower false alarms.
Quantum-Q is Australian designed and made using precision S.M.D. technology. With enhanced 15 metre wide angle coverage, selectable Pulse Count and Sensitivity adjustments providing the flexibility to use the Quantum-Q in most environments.
Installed in rooms or in hallways, Ness Quantum-Q protectsyou by detecting intruders body temperature using infra-red technology. It offers quality, performance and reliability at the right price.
Pet Immunity is set typically for a single pet up to 18kg or multiple pets uo to 10kg total.
Very discrete in size, designed for all types of interiors with a detection range of 15m.

Price is inclusive of GST Postage & Handling.


SKU: 126351351935
    • Quad element pyro sensor
    • 15m x 15m wide angle coverage
    • Standard (Std model refer Ness Part No. 106-079) and Pet Aware models
    • Adjustable Pulse Count
    • Adjustable Range
    • High R.F. and E.S.D. immunity
    • High white light immunity
    • High quality patented Fresnel lens
    • Front cover tamper protection
    • Totally silent solid state relay with high immunity tomagnetic fields
    • Optional mounting bracket available
    • 9~15VDC Operation
    • Optional Q100-243 bracket sold separately
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