The wireless reed switch can have 1 NC/NO input for extra functionality. Unit doubles as a vibration sensor. The unit is well suited for garage doors with the extra functionality to open & close the automatic door remotely just add konnected. 

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Ness wireless reed switch Kit with NO/NC input

  • All products are covered by standard manufacturers warranty; installers beware it is highly recommended to follow installation guide to mitigate equipment and product damage as incorrect installation may cause damage and void warranty.

  • Ness Universal Transmitter is a 9V battery operated transmitter with onboard reed switch, an external input and
    vibration analyser. The external input can be used to take inputs from normally closed reed switches or emergency buttons. This allows connection of any type of N.C. switch or button to trigger an alarm signal. The external input can also be used to connect Nessensor; vibration sensors for completely wireless vibration sensing. The onboard vibration analyser can be easily adjusted for sensitivity. The onboard reed switch allows for standalone door or window protection without using the external input. (The Ness 100-662 RR1 miniature radio reed switch can also be used for this purpose). The Ness Universal transmitter also features radio encryption and supervision for total radio security.

    • Dimensions 78(h) x 73(w) x 27(d) mm. (Excluding magnet).
    • Operating voltage 9V Lithium battery (Ultralife U9VL).
    • Signals transmitted: 1: Alarm/restore from reed switch or external input. 2: Tamper. 3: Low battery signal (~6V). 4: Learn message (on power up).
    • Radio security: 1. Encrypted signals. 2. Supervised operation.* Input selection link: Internal reed or external input or both in series.
    • Standby current draw <10µA
    • Radio frequency 303.85MHz
    • Transmit power 100µW
    • External input Accepts N.C. devices. 400mm max cable length to input.
    • Tamper switch Cover tamper switch.
    • Reed switch Miniature glass envelope, matching magnet supplied.
    • Vibration adjustment Rotary min/max sensitivity adjustment.
    • Compatibility All Ness radio receivers.
    • Encryption and radio supervision when used with a compatible Ness receiver/control panel.
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