The Quantum 360 ceiling mount detector, for complete and reliable 360° coverage. Provides coverage of 12 metre diameter at floor level when installed on a standard 2.4 metre ceiling.

Utilising the latest SMD technology and incorporating the proven Quantum design with selectable Pulse Count and sensitivity the IR360 provides outstanding performance at an unbelievable price.

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SKU: 284215376135191
    • Ceiling mount with 360° coverage ideal in crowded rooms where objects may block the view of wall mounted detectors.
    • Detection zones: 34 Dual element zones
    • Coverage: 12.8m x 8M
    • Mounting height: 2.1M to 5M
    • Superior false alarm protection
    • Adjustable range (Hi-Lo Shunt)
    • Selectable pulse count (1-2, 3-4)
    • RFI Protection
    • Walk test LED
    • Temperature Change Protection
    • N/C alarm output
    • 12V DC operation
    • Tamper protection
    • Dimensions: 102mm diameter x 30mm
    • Mounting height: 2.4m ceiling (recommended)
    • Detection zones: 33 dual element zones
    • Sensor: Dual element pyro-electric
    • Operating voltage: 9–15 VDC
    • Current draw: 15mA
    • R.F.I. Immunity: >15V/m @ 10-1000MHz
    • Relay output: Normally closed
  • All products are covered by standard manufacturers warranty; installers beware it is highly recommended to follow installation guide to mitigate equipment and product damage as incorrect installation may cause damage and void warranty.

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