Your Home is Pre-Wired to be a Smart Home


Millions of homes are built pre-wired for alarm systems, but most of these systems are decades outdated. Wired alarm systems have traditionally been closed systems that customers had to pay a monitoring company up to $100 per month to use! Many homeowners with pre-installed alarm systems rarely or never use them because they are inconvenient, ineffective or too expensive to maintain.


Konnected changes all that with our open source software, simple hardware, and integrations with leading home automation platforms SmartThingsHome Assistant, Hubitat and OpenHAB. 


Infinitely Expandable

Most traditional alarm systems are limited to 8 or 12 zones, forcing installers to group multiple sensors together into a zone. Konnected is infinitely expandable, allowing your customer to have granular visibility into each and every door, window, motion, and other sensor in your home. Each 6-zone module operates independently, and the system can be expanded easily at any time by simply adding more modules.


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Konnected Alarm 6 zone board

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  • All products are covered by standard manufacturers warranty; installers beware it is highly recommended to follow installation guide to mitigate equipment and product damage as incorrect installation may cause damage and void warranty.


    • Piezo buzzer (2 buzzers included in 24-Zone kit)
    • 12V DC power adapter
    • Power splitter cable (for 12-zone kits and larger)
    • Adhesive mounting standoffs
    • Konnected logo sticker & window sticker
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