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I am a digital hoarder: At one point I had 6 x1TB drives full of precious memories, digital media, thoughts, presentations and everything in between.

Managing the portable HDDs was painful to say the least, from moving data to organising my root directory.

I use multiple operating systems and have found that accessing the drives and naming content on one operating system would be corrupted on another.


The final straw; was when my most precious drive a brand new one at that, had failed. I purchased professional data recovery software and attempted to recover the data, with no luck I was gutted! I’d had enough and began my quest to find alternative options.

Cloud did not appeal to me; it’s a fancy name for a ‘server farm’ in a foreign country and is costly.

Windows servers have expensive licences, is painful to manage and not compatible across multiple operating systems.

Upon my search I discovered NAS (Network Attached Storage) accessible across multiple operating systems with data redundancy options (fail safe) and with the ability to remotely access data, I was sold!


With intense research I settled on QNAP for my first NAS. QNAP offered more features than their competitors and the software is malleable. I liked the idea of ‘taking back control of my digital life’ instead of the system dictating to me.


Five years later, I have 3 units and haven't lost a single file. These brilliant units continue to blow me away. With my gained knowledge and experience, I founded Home Networking Solutions.


HNS Questions:

  •  Are you paying for on-going cloud storage? Which is slow and often unresponsive

  • Are you in the know? Where is your data physically being stored and who has access to it?

  • Why are companies offering a certain amount of cloud storage for free, when this costs them money?

  • Why do most Internet Service Providers (ISP) recommend rubbish hardware?

  • Why are ISP standard routers fixed to their under performing DNS?


HNS values you and your data!

*Your data should be held only by you.

*Our clients have the choice to integrate the hardware of their choosing.

*Our clients intellectual property is of the highest priority.


Thank you for visiting our site, if you any suggestions on software or products please contact us.

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