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Smart Home Integration

If you have an existing out of date alarm panel, we have a solution for you using Konnected.

Konnected can replace or be integrated into your current alarm panel, what makes this product unique is the functionality, for example; set routines along side Internet of Things (IOT) lighting systems such as Phillips Hues, Fibaro, Ikea Smart Lights etc. Alerts are sent remotely to devices whether you're an Apple or Android user.

In Addition Action Tiles makes an easy to use platform as it is a user friendly interface for your smart home; this system will not be outdated anytime soon, its open platform encourages developers to collaborate to make this better.

HNS have pre-wired DIY kit's available from our online shop & custom build's are available. 

HNSinstalls have a portable unit for live demonstrations, if you would like to know more, please visit our book a service page today.

WiFi Improvements

There are various reasons for lagging internet, for e.g. WiFi interference from neighbours, cordless phones, leaking microwave/s, legacy data rates, routers, wireless repeaters, poorly integrated wireless mesh systems & network congestion; with our WiFi Spectrum Analysis Scanner we can pinpoint the cause and help rectify the issue.
We are able to conduct a Wi-Fi
speed test to measure continuity of service and offer recommendations or design a unifi wireless network to suit your needs.

No matter how poor your connection is, improvements can always be made; ie hardware, network traffic priority rules, virtual machines, network filtering and structured VLAN setups all can make a difference.

Contact Us or Book Now to boost your WiFi speed and coverage in your house, apartment, office or business; a solution is only one click away.

Ubiquiti Point to Point & Unifi

Wireless Solutions

Whether you live on a farm or in the city and need a remote wireless connection for security cameras or need to link two buildings together for a high speed connection, Ubiquiti is an excellent choice. HNS recommend and integrate Ubiquiti Unifi Wi-Fi access points. Ubiquiti AP's are high performance and are cost effective, giving you the best wireless connection possible. 

At HNS we like to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, if you would like to speak with a certified Ubiquiti Broadband Wireless Admin regarding integrating a cost effective wireless solution in your home or business, please inquire below. 

Home & Business Security

We supply and install QNAP NAS servers which host QVR Pro, a powerful and professional CCTV solution for Home and Business users alike.

 QVR Pro software is free for all QNAP users, it offers 8 free channels and most units are able to support up to 60+ Cameras recording at once. With options of over 5000 compatible CCTV/Security cameras; a suitable camera is able to be selected and easily matched for each individual job.

We offer other cost effective solutions for customers that would like the added security without breaking the budget; for this we offer Reolink Security Cameras, these are a great infrared security camera that clients have the added benefit of a future upgrade to an NVR unit or QNAP Server. Go to our Book a Service page to view our current Reolink Security Camera offer.

QNAP Solutions

Have you ever tried to recover a hard drive from a data loss event? It can be costly and 8 out 10 of times is unrecoverable. HNS specialise in QNAP integration endless digital storage at your fingertips with multiple redundancy options to ensure your data is secure and backed up. QNAP are flexible servers capable of running multiple Windows®, Linux®, UNIX®, and Android™ virtual machines, and so much more.  Enquire for a on site demo.

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